Spencer Skelly flies on stage at Moonlight Amphitheatre


Junior Spencer Skelly played Peter Pan in the Moonlight Ampitheater’s production of Disney’s “Peter Pan Junior” on Oct. 9,10,11, and 12. Skelly put in many hours of rehearsals and his hard work paid off.

Andie Naugler, Editor-In-Chief

Flying around stage in green tights may not seem like an ideal situation for most, but for junior Spencer Skelly, who earned the lead role as Peter Pan, it was a dream come true.

The Moonlight Amphitheatre recently presented the production Disney’s Peter Pan Junior. The boy who refused to grow up flew on stage from Oct. 9-Oct. 12.

“I was very excited when I found out I got the role as Peter Pan,” Skelly said. “I kind of put myself out of the running after callbacks because I had lost my voice and my singing wasn’t at its best. When I got the role I was really surprised, but very happy.”

Auditions consisted of several parts including singing, dancing and acting, all performed in front of the head director.

“It was a three step process,” Skelly said. “First you signed in and then you got into groups of five and sang a one minute song. After that, there was the dance and acting audition. At the end of the first audition they gave you a sheet that said whether you got a callback or not.”

Within the same week as auditions and callbacks ended, practices started up.

“We started practices two days after the first rehearsal,” Skelly said. “There were about four weeks of rehearsals. By the final rehearsals, we would practice for up to six hours. This happened basically everyday right after school.”

From being an audience member for several Moonlight productions, Skelly knew he wanted to perform on that stage.

“I was at Moonlight watching ‘Spamalot’ and that interested me into getting involved,” Skelly said. “I went on their website and saw the auditions for Peter Pan Junior and went from there.”

Several friends and family members supported Skelly throughout this process. Many attended his performances and were awed by his talent.

“I have known Spencer since kindergarten,” junior Katelyn Rupp said. “He has always loved performing and I think that the role of Peter Pan really fit his personality.”

Knowing how to sing, dance and act involves a lot of hard work and dedication. Not only does he enjoy performing, but Skelly especially loves seeing the impact his performances leave on people.

“Performing is something I have done all my life,” Skelly said. “I like it a lot because you can be someone you are not, step into someone else’s shoes, see the world from their perspective and play a different story.”