Art Club seeks a colorful start for the new year


Danny Tajimaroa

Senior Hanna Seeman works on a piece of art using markers and colored pencils during AP Art. Presidents Luci Li and Michaela Gacnik hope to expand past art classes when it comes to members.

Mady Christian, Writer

For students of all ages and groups at Carlsbad High School, art provides a strong outlet for expressionism and creativity. Art Club plans to extend beyond art classes as co-presidents Lucy Li and Michaela Gacnik begin to map out their plans for this year’s members. With more ways to become involved with art around the school, Art Club promises to be a success.

“Last year we had a lot of plans, but because our club was so small it was hard to carry them out and get everything done that we wanted to accomplish,” Li said. “This year my co-president Michaela [Gacnik] and I have plans for different fundraisers and other events that we’re both excited about.”

Li and Gacnik both have a primary goal to involve as many students as possible in their group, wanting all kids seeking a creative outlet to join and become a part of the club this year.

“We hope to get more creative people involved who maybe don’t go off campus at lunch and would really enjoy having a place to come and contribute their ideas,” Gacnik said.

In order to increase the stamina of their club and improve it from last year, the two co-presidents have decided to incorporate a large project that will benefit both the school and the members of Art Club as they work to complete it.

“Our plan is to make a mural for one of the blank walls on campus, once we fundraise to get the supplies,” Gacnik said.

The mural will give members of Art Club a creative project to work on and contribute their ideas towards. In addition, students will get the chance to be inspired by the art as they witness its creation.

“I think the fact that we are working on a mural and that it will be for the whole school to see is really cool,” Li said. “Students that aren’t taking art classes but want to be involved in art can join our club and help us to create the mural.”

Art club will start up again soon, and its meetings will be held every odd Tuesday at lunch in Ms. Foulk’s room. With the plans each co-president has for the upcoming year, Art Club will provide a place for all those enthusiastic about art to meet up and get involved with the community.

“I really care about art and I’m excited to promote art within our school and our community, and I’m excited to incorporate this promotion with Art Club this year,” Li said.