Cameron Penn brings magic to Carlsbad


Hannah Kellermeyer

Senior Cameron Penn practices his signature card trick. Along with magic, Penn is passionate about theater

Ian John, Writer

For most, magic is a craft limited by a show you see at Vegas or a TV special that comes on once a year. However, for senior Cameron Penn, magic becomes an outlet that brings out what he loves most: entertaining.

“Well, I got this Lance Burton magic kit when I was around six from my aunt in Germany,” Penn said. “I always liked performing and entertaining and this was a cool way to get in front of a stage and fool people.”

Upperclassmen may remember Penn on CHSTV or around campus leaving people in awe over his deceiving tricks. Although magic seems to be just a childish hobby, Penn believes its childish element is the reason why it is so intriguing. 

“It’s so unique,” Penn said. “It’s a cool thing to be known as the magician because not many people can do magic. I would say it is a kid’s thing, but there’s a kid in all of us and that’s what it appeals to.”

Performances in venues like talent shows and Legoland add an impressive resume to his magic career. Despite this undeniable success, not all the shows have gone according to plan.

“Freshman year in the talent show, it was my first time performing a stage show,” Penn said. “I remember I had my dog appear from a box I made a couple years ago. As I pulled him out he got nervous and started to pee into the audience, luckily nobody was in the first row. I turned him toward me and he peed all over my jacket, so I had to finish the whole show covered with pee.”

Compared to Houdini’s era of illusions, magic has lost the sparkle it once had. People once amazed by the impossible feats have now found them too childish or just plain disturbing.

“I’d like to see magic much more prevalent and not so much of these freak shows of guys trying to be edgy and cutting themselves or the crazy Chris Angel stuff,” Penn said. “I would like to see more innovative, like classic with a modern twist. Like sawing the lady in half but on a much bigger scale. When magicians lock themselves in a box and go a week without food it’s just weird.”

Along with magic, Penn has developed a passion for film, theater and acting. After high school, he hopes to go to a film school while holding to his magic roots.

“I have always been interested in magic but in 6th grade I got interested in theater and acting a lot,” Penn said. “And that turned me into just wanting to be a creator. Maybe I’ll make a film on magicians or do my own stage show.”