Choir prepares for Night with the Stars


Jessica Streich

Sound Express, the advanced mixed show choir, performs their Robin Hood-themed set that illustrates the battle between rich and poor. “Night With the Stars” features numerous competition sets similar to this one, all varying in theme, that the choir groups perform in addition to solo or group acts throughout the show.

Encore, Lancer Choir, Chamber Singers and Sound Express are working on their upcoming show “Night with the Stars”.  This concert not only showcases talent but also helps them better prepare for competitions. The students rely on the audience’s reactions to their sets, to see what they should fix before the next competition.  

 “We can practice and get better for our competitions, without the real pressure of a regular competition,” senior and president of Chambers Singers Isaac Brieske said. 

The sets of the different choirs are generally only seen by judges and other competitors, so the community looks forward to see what the choir department has in store. The choir department also enjoys showing their friends family the end result from months of hard work. Each year the choir show brings a new twist, so there is a reason to go every year.

“We have new themes and songs every year, our sets are never predictable,” junior Max DeLoach said. “It is definitely suspenseful for the audience.”

“Night with the Stars” is unlike any other shows choir puts on throughout the year for a few reasons. Performing sets brings excitement to everyone, but also gives students a chance to shine in solo/group acts. They are able to build confidence and experience performing in a new setting with a larger audience. 

“This is different from most of our shows because it focuses a lot on solo group acts. It gives students a chance to see what it’s like to perform alone or with one other person in front of an audience,” sophomore Kammy Carbone said. “Night with the Stars” is beneficial to all the students involved, as it helps some students think about their future in performing after trying it with fewer people, and it helps the different choirs prepare for competitions or festivals.”

The choral department is always looking for volunteers during the shows to help out, as well as sponsors to keep the choral department running. Donations are greatly appreciated and go toward necessary equipment such as costumes, set designs and equipment maintenance. To learn more about how you can help or if you are interested in upcoming events, take a look at the Choral Department’s Home Page.

“Night with the Stars” takes place Feb. 27 and 28 in the Carlsbad Arts Center (CAC) at 7 pm. The choral department is selling tickets for $10 at the door and encourage everyone to go.