Alex Cabrera chases her musical dreams


Jessica Streich

Senior Alex Cabrera poses during a small break in her packed rehearsal schedules for the most recent choir performance. In addition to being the only student taking part in two of the choral groups, Cabrera also takes part in the advanced theatre class on campus and always takes opportunities to perform.

On Dec. 18, 2013, at about 6:05 pm, Alex Cabrera opened the letter that would change her life forever. Cabrera, involved in the Carlsbad High School theater and choir departments, has always had a passion for singing. However, this passion was about to be taken to a whole different level with her acceptance into the Point Loma University Music Program.

“I opened the letter and I fell to the floor and I cried,” senior Alex Cabrera said. “The feeling was so indescribable. The anxiety of waiting for a letter is agony for students who are afraid of rejection from their dream schools. When I read the letter saying I got in to the PLNU music program I just couldn’t believe it.”

Point Loma University is known for being a prestigious school, boasting a 55% acceptance rate and numerous undergraduate departments and majors for incoming students to choose from. However, what most people don’t know is that they also have an extremely prestigious music program– only cream-of-the-crop musicians are accepted. The music instructors at the university are all highly trained and talented musicians, graduating from universities with strong music programs such as Julliard and USC.

“The Point Loma Music Program is actually pretty amazing,” senior Alex Cabrera said. “My vocal instructor encouraged me to audition there because they teach the same voice technique as he does. Knowing that I won’t have to start over with my music training is great, I just get to continue learning what I’m learning.”

After college, Cabrera hopes to become a singer, and looks forward to the extensive vocal training she will be receiving at Point Loma.  She also plans on minoring in business, so that she will be able to support herself financially while pursuing her dreams. Cabrera studies proper technique as an opera singer, which requires great vocal discipline and skill, and allows her to sing in virtually any style of voice.

“So many famous singers today are operatically trained: Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and so many more,” Cabrera said.  “The Point Loma music program is perfect for me and having proper training is important for not injuring your voice and growing as a singer.”

In the meantime, Cabrera simply continues doing what she loves: being a member of Sound Express, Chamber Singers and the theater department, as well as participating in extensive voice lessons outside of school.

“Alex is really talented at everything that she does,” senior Nicole Nungaray said. “Shes an amazing singer, and I honestly wouldn’t be suprised to see her win a Grammy one day.”