Advanced theatre lends a hand

Middle school students act out Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet in front of the advanced theater class to get feedback.

Seannie Bryan

Middle school students act out Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” in front of the advanced theater class to get feedback.

Emilee Foltz, staff writer

This Monday, both Aviara and Calavera Middle Schools theatre classes traveled to CHS to receive help from advanced theatre on their theatre festival performances. All three schools will be competing in the Theatre Festival at Fullerton Union High School this weekend.

All of the students, from each school, were split into different groups where everyone would perform what they were doing at festival. Each person or group would perform and the advanced theatre class would help them improve their performance.

“It helps a lot to have a lot of different views and opinions on my monolouge to make it better,” Calavera student Danniella Dupone said.

There were performances ranging from large groups doing a skit to a single person performing serious and comedy monolouges. The experience the advanced class has from these festivals was valuable to the middle schoolers.

“They have more experience than we do, they’ve done this before, so it was good to see what the judges will be looking for,” Aviara student Maggie Sweeney said.

It was also not only the high schoolers teaching the middle schoolers. The young fresh eyes of the middle school students were able to remind many of the advanced theatre students why they loved to act so much.

“I learned from them to enjoy the time I have. It was not long ago that I was in their shows and now I’m being looked up to,” CHS student Deja Sanders said.

Each group of students enjoyed the time they had with one another. They moved from comedies to serious and joking around with each other as well as giving constructive criticism

“I truly enjoyed my time with the middle schoolers. They were just so fill of energy and I really loved hearing all their ideas,” Sanders said.

All three schools are hoping to bring home a couple of wins in their divisions.