Seniors prepare for trip to Knott’s Berry Farm

Nicolas Dmitriev, staff writer

With the school year coming to an end many, seniors are coming closer and closer to ending their four year high school career. Each year, CHS offers its seniors a once in a lifetime opportunity to come aboard on a class trip.

Although these trips may seem basic and unnecessary, senior trips have almost become an “American tradition” today it is very common for students to take a senior trip. This year CHS will offer the graduating senior class a trip to the Knott’s Berry Farm theme park.

“This will be the last opportunity for seniors to spend time together and make a memory,” Senior Levi Sebahar said.

While a senior trip serves as a great “we finally made it” reward, in recent years there have been a decline of attendance. With many seniors intending to go but procrastinating to sign up, it creates a problem for the trip organizers to have an estimate of how many buses and staff are needed to make the trip happen.

With no knowledge of how many of students are going and lower rates of participation, these class trips are in risk of cancellation. And with four years of hard work it would be foolish to not celebrate your achievements and memories.

“Were trying to get as many kids out there as we can,” Sebahar said.

With a great time span to spend with your high school friends at such a convenient and enjoyable location, this should be a trip the most seniors should take serious consideration in attending.

The trip is planed to happen on June 11. With the date being only a couple of days apart from graduation it makes a great ending memory for seniors to remember when they will look back at their nostalgic high school years.

Students should remember they will have to take the bus to the park and back. Volunteer parents will also keep a watchful eye.

Tickets for the senior trip to Knott’s Berry Farm iare now on sale in the ASB Finance Office for $50.00. For seniors to qualify for this trip they may not have any outstanding unexcused absences.