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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

The app heard through the grapeVine

Watch out Instagram. You’ve got some competition.

A new application for the iPhone/iPod (sorry to those of you with Androids) is on the rise, giving other social media apps quite the scare.

Vine is an app in which users create six second worth of video clips, which shows up on a news feed similar to that of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Centered in New York City, Vine was co-founded by Colin Kroll and Dom Hofmann. The app has seen it’s popularity soar in the past month, after being virtually unheard of. As of April 18, it sits at the number two spot of iTunes’ top free apps.

Seeing its potential, Twitter decided to partner with Vine. Both are similar as they are both brief: Twitter has a 140 word count, and Vine has a six second limit.

Many students do not have a Vine, nor do they even know the app exists. For the ones who do, they love its potential creativity.

“Vine is an interesting way for people to express themselves or to show what they’re doing,” sophomore Raya Klooster said.

Many are comparing the video app to Instagram, due to their similar layout. Instagram offers editing techniques to enhance a picture, while Vine has no features other than recording and posting.

“Vine takes more skill than Instagram,” senior Miles Anthony said. “Anyone can take a decent picture and make it look amazing with all of Instagram’s filters, while Vine is straight up. A good video is simply skillful recording.”

Celebrities also have caught on to the trending app. Similar to Twitter, the celebrity’s account also indicates that it is in fact their real account, and not a parody.

“Vine is better than Instagram because on Vine, you know by the video that it’s the real them,” senior Sean Berry said. “With Instagram, it could be anyone finding a picture on the internet claiming to be a celebrity.”

Vine has also been compared to sites like Facebook. With so many people on Facebook, many have become annoyed with people over-posting. Due to Vine being somewhat discreet, the news feed isn’t clogged with the nonsence people post on Facebook.

“Vine is a lot better than Facebook or Instagram, because there aren’t a bunch of memes or dogs with pencils in their heads asking for likes,” junior Vince Barone said.

For those of you with a Vine already, enjoy it. Most people still do not have an account. For those of you without a Vine, it’s worth trying.

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Robert Sweeney, staff writer
Robert Sweeney was born in Oklahoma. After the dust bowl of 2002, he migrated to California, where he now plays lacrosse and soccer, along with interviewing people extensively. He dreams of opening an ostrich farm when he is older.

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The app heard through the grapeVine