Junior Victoria Zaks serves up perfection

Haley Spanier , Editor-In-Chief

Junior Victoria Zaks has played tennis for around ten years, through both Carlsbad High and with a personal trainer. She has participated in many tournaments, and was ranked third in CIF’s individuals last year.

As many know, school sports are time consuming and students are accpected to keep up with grades and homework as well. When playing with the high school team, Zaks practices tennis everyday after school. Out of the high school season, Zaks trains with a personal coach. Managing to balance tennis and her schoolwork is key for Zaks’ success.

“Some people think tennis is not really a sport but it takes a lot of effort,” Zaks said. “You have to work on your time management and plan each day ahead.”

Participating in many tournaments, Zaks has won multiple trophies and awards. Most of the tournaments are located in Southern California for it is a very popular place for matches, located in facilities such as the Barnes Tennis Center in San Diego.

“Tournaments are pretty big. Lots of people from San Diego County come. You meet a lot of different girls who are good at tennis and you make a lot of friends,” Zaks said. “You sign up online when you want to join a tournament.”

Although Zaks once played soccer, she decided to pursue her passion for tennis. She hopes to continue playing in the future.

“I’d like to play in college,” Zaks said. “I am looking at different colleges and it would be nice if it had a good tennis team.”

Zaks continues to practice her skills and improve her technique. She excels on and off the court as she trains for tennis and keeps up with her schoolwork.  Her love for tennis inspires her to keep playing and motivates her to progress in her tennis career.