Love found in “Almost, Maine”


Jackie Nelson and Sam Pines rehearse the final part of their scene in “Almost, Maine” before the show began performances on Nov. 8.

AJ Johnson, Managing Editor

After months of auditions, callbacks and rehearsals, the cast of “Almost, Maine” has finally debuted their latest comedy in the Cultural Arts Center.

Suggested by theater teacher Monica Hall, “Almost, Maine” quickly gained popularity among drama department students. With it’s intriguing pacing style and playful characters, the performers pulled all of their hard work in to perfecting this performance.

“It’s nine different fifteen minute scenes all happening at the same time, so what happens is one vignette  is about some corky love adventure and then ends right before an intense resolution,” senior Katie Ohlin said.

These entertaining scenarios energized the play and increased the overall creativity of the performers. Also, with this new style of pacing, the audience remained entertained throughout the entire performance with each new scene bringing new laughs and more tears.

“‘The plot is very different from most shows you would normally see.There are all these little scenarios going on at the same moment and each one’s unique so the audience never knows what to expect,” junior Evan Ridpath said. “Some scenes you’ll laugh, others you will cry, and the audience will experience all of these cool stories with these interesting characters.”

Behind the scenes, the tech crew also spent a lot of time and effort to perfect lighting, music cues, and special effects.

“There are definitely a lot of cool effects that are used throughout the show including a star backdrop,” Ridpath said. “They recreate the Northern Lights which is a big part of the show. We also use the original soundtrack from the show.”

Overall, the “Almost, Maine” performance captivated the audience with its well developed characters, bright and beautiful sets and interesting plot.