What to expect on Red Ribbon Week

What to expect on Red Ribbon Week

Eric Hammond, staff writer

Starting on Oct. 29 and continuing for all of next week, students will take part in Red Ribbon Week. Every year we focus on Red Ribbon week as a form of teaching people to make safe, healthy choices, as well as living your life substance free. Although being drug free is a very serious topic, students can look forward to many fun activities.

Make sure you make it over Lancer Arena on Monday at lunch for the first of many assemblies. The theme on Monday will be twin day with the moral “Friends stick together through good and bad.” So, find a friend and dress in the same clothes!

Next up on the agenda for Tuesday is college day, where you can “Follow your dreams, don’t do drugs.” Another activity going on on Tuesday is a door decorating contest, where you can compete against other classes for the best door.

On Wednesday, wear a jersey for your favorite sports team for sports day. A moral that will be taught this day is to “Ref your own life.”

If you have any neon clothing, dig it out on Thursday, so you can be spirited on neon day. And don’t forget to “Stay on the bright side of life.”

And finally, to wrap up the week, wear red in support of Red Ribbon Week. Make sure that you participate in the door decorating contest on Tuesday, because winners will be announced on Friday. In order to make these activities an interesting and fun learning experience for everyone, it is essential that you dress up, and show your school spirit.

Another interesting activity to look forward to is a developing story known as the crash car. Throughout the week, there will be a car that has been destroyed from a car accident. Attached to the car will be a story that will develop as the week continues.

The main goal of Red Ribbon Week is to spread healthy choices and the importance of living a clean life. Be sure to come out to the first event at lunch on Monday in Lancer Plaza.