Cinepolis Review

Jack Beetham, editor-in-chief

The recent addition of a Cinepolis movie cinema to the West Bluff Plaza Shopping Center adds a new and refreshing experience for all movie connoisseurs. Through the luxurious treatment of its customers, Cinepolis provides a more immersive experience for the right price. This more expensive movie cinema adds a new twist to the way we watch movies.

The complex, complete with a bar and food service, provides a productivity unknown to the common Carlsbad public. Through high quality theaters and waiting service, Cinepolis aims to “one-up” more traditional movie cinemas.

Although the price may not be “right”, you will definitely be rewarded for a more healthy investment. Each member of staff will provide a service similar to that of a restaurant, which adds to the over all experience.

Cinepolis is the biggest cineplex chain in Mexico with 205 theaters in 65 cities, and they have become the largest chain in Southern America and the fourth largest in the world. With over 230 theaters, 2,160 screens and over 13,000 employees throughout Latin America and the United States, the Cinepolis movie theater chain is now a contender to the prestigious Regal Cinemas.

The new service will leave you wanting more as you recline farther, while watching transformers explode right before your eyes. The food and drink may not be cheap but the taste is not either. the experience is like none other.

The Cinepolis movie theater lies in a spot which used to house the overly popular Ultra Star Cinema. The sudden change brought much conflict, and the resulting benefit of a new modern theater was questionable. But after visiting the prestigious Cinepolis movie theater, I believe the choice was right.

The cinema is definitely worth your time as its treatment of its customers is unbeatable and unmatched by any other theater business.