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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

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Four lives, one desk: students share more than just a seat

Four lives, one desk: students share more than just a seat

There is nothing remarkable about the desks in a classroom, but most students do not think about the other students who sit there throughout the week. You may find yourself wondering who else sits at your math desk.   Four students who sit in Mr. Rosen’s math classes all sit in the same desk, but have very different personalities.

Senior Chad Ummel, period 1

Ummel will be packing his bags for college soon and plans to go to UC Berkley to major in Physics.

Ummel has had a long love for music. Playing guitar for six years, his rock band Glass Giant recently won first place in Battle of the Bands. Most would be surprised to learn Glass Giant has only recently started to play for audiences.

“We just started playing in January,” Ummel said. “We pulled it together in only a month.”

Senior Laura Kelly, period 2

As the year winds down, Kelly has been busy with everything from studying for AP exams to volunteer services.

Attending UC Davis in the fall, Kelly will be majoring in Linguistics and Anthropology. Although Kelly has already found her major for college, she has a true passion for helping others. Kelly is currently in the Children’s Relief Colition which helps raise funds for young boys in Honduras.

“It’s really great because it’s not a huge sacrifice,” Kelly said. “I have everything I need so why not help somebody else?”

Freshman Garrison Zoutendyk, period 5

Zoutendyk also plays guitar but plays in the band Occupancy 64. The band has played together for a while now and has discovered they have a various array of music styles.

“I like any kind of music from soft classic rock to bands that make you want to jump off a cliff like heavy metal,” Zoutendyk said.

If Zoutendyk isn’t playing guitar, he is most likely down at Ponto Beach working on his surfing skills. Zoutendyk considers making Surf PE as a freshman his greatest accomplishment this year. This opportunity has given him a chance to embrace his passion while hanging out with friends.

“It’s fun because sometimes you get to ride with dolphins or fight sharks,” Zoutendyk said.

Freshman Jeff Trujillo, period 6

Trujillo would rather play soccer after school with his friends in AVID. AVID, or Advancement Via Independent Determination, has helped Trujillo excel in his classes. Trujillo has found a family there because they all support each other.

“I always have a lot of questions. So, once I know the answers, I can help other people with their questions,” Trujillo said. “AVID prepares you for college and gives you a head start in whatever you want to do.”

Behind every desk there is a student, and behind every student there is a story of dedication or passion for doing what they love.

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Bryanna Mundy, Editor-in-chief
This is Bryanna's second year as Editor-in-Chief and her third year on staff. Her favorite things to do are paddle boarding, traveling, and laughing. She is looking forward to her third year, and wants to major in journalism in college.

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    Mr. RosenMay 16, 2012 at 9:10 pm

    That was great, thanks for letting me get to know some of my students a little bit better.

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Four lives, one desk: students share more than just a seat