Fighting off spring break boredom

Fighting off spring break boredom

The sun sets on another spring break beach day.

Shon Cagungun, staff writer

As spring break sets in, boredom sticks close behind, and this week could seem to be the longest seven days ever. Yet, somehow CHS students managed to stay occupied and fend off those do-nothing blues.  Hopefully, we here at the Lancer Link can present a few half-decent options to stop you from going insane in front of the nearest television.

The beach has become the hot ticket item now that the weather has cleared up and the sun god smiles down on us.  For most students this is a viable option no matter whether or not you have access to a vehicle. Just hop on your bike and light out for the closest sandy shore.

“The beach is cool because I can hang out with my friends and go swimming,” junior Jeff Schaefer said.

If the open ocean doesn’t tickle your fancy, try taking refuge in physical exertion. Carlsbad is home to lagoons, trails in Calavera Hills and miles of beautiful coast.  It doesn’t take much to slip on an old pair of shoes and take a brisk walk around or even a nice jog.

Running can help you relieve the feelings of laziness that being a couch potato may cause. For that matter, any physical activity such as biking or skateboarding could easily do the trick.

“When you workout it gets your endorphins going,” junior Nick Bonasia said “It makes you feel stronger and it makes you feel better and it gives you a good outlook on life.”

Some of us are privileged enough to have the convenience of a motor vehicle. If that’s true for you, a scenic drive with some friends might help break the monotony and see the area where you live in a whole new light. Family trips or drives could also offer a simple alternative.

“I’ve spent my break visiting colleges and exploring different places,” junior Allie Gordon said.

But the most important thing to remember when trying to battle the spring break blues: don’t go it alone. Almost any activity can be fun and special when you do it in the company of others.

“Things aren’t very much fun when you’re not with your friends,” Schaefer said. “It’s always better to have someone to enjoy it with.”