The Hunger Games sets records


Official movie poster

Bryanna Mundy, Editor-in-chief

Theaters everywhere were filled with eager fans on March 22 for the highly anticipated midnight premiere of The Hunger Games. Based off Suzanne Collin’s three part trilogy, The Hunger Games has brought in $214 million worldwide making it the third highest three-day domestic debut ever.

Set in the future, the United States has collapsed and been replaced by the city of Panem, originally divided into thirteen districts. Every year, each district must present one boy and girl to take part in the Hunger Games, a punishment and constant reminder of the districts up rise seventy-four years ago.

Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence) volunteers as tribute in place of her younger sister Prim. Katniss and her fellow tribute Peeta Mellark (played by Josh Hutcherson) are forced to fight to the death in hopes to return home and make a statement against the capitol.

After so many fans fell in love with the books, the movie makers had a lot of pressure to make the books come to life. From the details of scenery to character casting, movie makers delivered an extraordinary film.

Starting off, the first half hour was a little slow, but picked up quickly once the games began. When Katniss and Peeta team up, their relationship grew due to their past and current situations. Hutcherson and Lawrence were able to become their characters making the audience feel like they were in the movie.

Cato (played by Alexander Ludwig) went beyond his character description of a threatening tribute from district two. During his last moments in the arena, Cato sends a message to the audience that would be lost without Ludwig.

The movie’s attention to detail lived up to expectations for many fans of the book. I would recommend The Hunger Games to anyone who enjoys an excellent story.