Majors to consider and not to consider

Linea Stern, Staff Writer

After the buzz of summer excitement, incoming college freshmen need to buckle down and pick a major. Instead of spending hours picking the perfect major, here are some worth considering.

Top 3 Majors to go into:

Computer Science: In this major, college students will learn to work around modern technology. This can land them a variety of jobs–such as Software Developer, Information Technology Director, Business Analyst, Web Director, Software Architect, Computer Operator, Network Engineer, Database Administrator and Application Developer. All of these jobs make over 60,000 dollars a year. The technology industry is booming which means more job opportunities.

Business: Majoring in business prepares college students to work in many different settings and environments. In business classes, students learn math skills, computer skills and how to work with a team. Research predicts that the business industry will boom in the next few years because of backed up demand. Jobs in business include Human Resources Manager, Staff Accountant, Office Manager, Retail Store Manager, Marketing Manager, Office Manager and Financial Controller.

Biology: College students will learn how life works. Students will find many jobs in the medical field that require a biology degree. Jobs include Medical Technologist, Pharmacist, Veterinarian, and Microbiologist. If students want to pursue a career in the medical field (such as a doctor or nurse) getting a major in Biology would be beneficial

Top 3 Majors not to go into

Leisure System Therapy: The only job that someone can get with this degree is a Recreational Therapist. Most hospitals are non-profit organizations which makes finding a paying job very difficult

Teaching: Teaching jobs are extremely difficult to find with the budget cuts. Applicants can only apply for a teaching job over the summer.

Sociology/Psychology: According to a nationwide search forty percent of students want to major in Psychology. Everybody wants this degree.  In the future workforce only so many jobs that require this degree will be available. If you have a strong passion for this go above and beyond and get a master’s degree.

    Remember to pick your major wisely because it will effect your future. Pick a major that you have a passion for not a major that makes a lot money.