Shed it and sweat it at the gym

Megan Benner, Staff Writer

Carlsbad is home to many athletes. Not only is our healthy community competitive with school sports but students spend numerous hours at local gyms toning their bods. The top three popular Carlsbad gyms to students are 24 Hour Fitness, Chuse, and LA Fitness.

Junior Danny Knox, a current wrestler, uses the gym during off season to stay in shape. He, like other students, feels being active during off season at the gym helps him improve in his main sport.

“I like working out by myself because you get more done. I push myself more,” Knox said.

Many students are self motivated when it comes to working out; however, getting a gym membership with friends also make working out social and competitive among peers.

“I know when I work out with my friends I feel like working out is easier and more fun,” Junior Katelyn Hartvigsen said.

Most students spend three to four hours a week at the gym. There is something for everyone; the typical gym contains a pool, racket-ball area, elliptical machines, a weight room and classes such as yoga and cycling. Levels vary, so intensity of a workout can be increased or decreased.

Other then working out, the gym is a friendly place to meet people. 24 Hours Fitness is full of student athletes who pump iron. Chuse is a calm gym focused on strengthening core. LA Fitness is known for its classes, especially Zumba.

The goal of joining a local gym is to stay active. Many students say they have seen results. So shed those pounds at the gym.

“With the gym, I feel that people who go are more athletically successful,” said Knox.