Healthy cooking pays off

Andrea Abbott, Staff Writer

Healthy eating will cost a little money sometimes, but the results are priceless for a better, more nutritious lifestyle. Advanced cookbooks and kitchen tools can aid anyone from a professional cook to an amateur chef in preparing healthier meals. Keeping this in mind, consider the following products.

Nonstick Oven Crisper Sheets
French fries, onion rings and tatter tots all sound tasty, but they usually come out of the deep fryer covered in oils and fat. And, when opting to use the oven, food tends to get soggy. A new invention, nonstick oven crisper sheets, combines both these methods resulting in lighter, crispier food. They work like a cookie sheet the only difference is they contain small holes which allows air to travel through to the food. Since the heat and air surrounds the food from all angles the food becomes crunchy and cooked throughout. Currently these sheets are available for the conventional oven (set of two) and the toaster oven (set of four).

Colorado Fit Kitchen Cookbook

Dr. James and Debra Rouse believe everyone deserves “inspiring, healthy meals, snacks and desserts that support your mind, body, beauty and optimum wellness.” Because of their strong beliefs and passion for cooking they created the Colorado Fit Kitchen cookbook. The book provides recipes that cover every meal of the day, including pumpkin pancakes, “skinny” waffles, sweet potato fries, Caesar salad, turkey wraps and carrot cake. The recipes turn ordinary food into nutritious dishes by using smarter ingredients (i.e. whole grain pastry flour and applesauce) and methods. The book teaches how healthy cooking contains just as much flavor and taste.

The Wholesome Junk Food Cookbook

According to, “The Wholesome Junk Food Cookbook is a cookbook devoted to wholesome eating.”  Dr. Laura Trice provides recipes for over 100 snacks from bars to cakes. When it comes to taste, Trice takes her food seriously and does not deprive herself the desirable treats she craves. Proving that “junk food” can contain nutrition, Trice achieved her goal.