jake Saftig

Andrian Eagleston, 12th grade

Lancer Link: What are you representing?

Andrian Eagleston: I’m representing Sound Express show choir.

LL: Why did you want to become a Champion Lancer?

Eagleston: Well I first heard of Champion Lancers last year when my younger two siblings would come home from elementary school with these trading cards and were talking about how cool it was, and it was really obvious how much these kids made an impact and them and so these values of a Champion Lancers are values that like I have and are really important in my whole life, and I thought what a cool opportunity to be able to share those values with younger kids and hopefully have the same impact that they had on my siblings.

LL: What color describes you and why?

Eagleston: I’m gonna say purple because that’s my favorite color and its not like the craziest of colors or anything to out there but it’s more unique then your typical red yellow and blue.

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