Hannah Bandimere: 11


Mac Harden

Hannah Bandimere, a junior on varsity softball.

Hannah Bandimere is a first year varsity junior pitcher on the softball team. Bandimere has an array of pitches that she uses to strike batters out, but her personal favorite is the curveball. She look to help the team to playoffs and a possible CIF title along with it. Also Bandimere participates on a competitive softball team that trains and plays year round.

Lancer Link: How did you get into softball?

Hannah Bandimere: Well my good friend Stevie Simpson had started to began playing when we were both eight, it just seemed really fun and I wanted to play with her .

LL: What sacrifices have you made for softball?

HB: Well I missed a lot of birthday parties growing up. I didn’t have much of a summer because I would travel around the county and state for all these different tournaments and camps for softball. Now in high school I have to stay up much later to do my homework. My club team practices up in Huntington Beach so I have to make that two hour drive up to twice a week.

LL: Why do you enjoying playing softball?

HB: It really gives me something to do when I’m not at school. Although I really like making batters look foolish and controlling the game from the mound. Striking batters out gives me the greatest joy on earth.

LL: What motivates you to continue playing?

HB: The amount of friends I have made over the years and wanting to maintain those friendships. It’s also great to meet new people every time you’re on a new team.  I want to continue playing in college so right now I’m working towards getting a scholarship.

LL: What advice do you have for younger players?

HB: Always keep going if you’re not playing well in a game or practice, that’s the only way you will be able to improve. Make sure to practice as often as you can if you really want to reach that next level.