Owen Asalone, water polo


Mikayla Ferraro

Senior Owen Asalone prepares to fire a shot in his game against Torrey Pines. Owen has been playing water polo since age seven and is a member of the boys varsity water polo team. He has hopes of carrying his team to victory in this years CIF championship.

Balancing his time between sports, school work and Spanish club, Owen Asalone keeps his grades up while spending most of his time in the water practicing for Water Polo. He hopes to keep the streak up and win CIF’s for Varsity Water Polo this year.

Asalone started playing Water polo when he was seven, and he has enjoyed playing ever since. His friends encouraged him to start playing Water Polo, and now he is a Varsity Water Polo player and on the Swim Team.

Lancer Link: How much time do you spend practicing for Water Polo? What sacrifices must you make for the team commitments?

Owen Asalone: “I spend around 28 hours a week practicing regularly, which causes me to miss out on some concerts or other social events with my friends, but I have no regrets. I always try to make time for my friends.”

Lancer Link: How has Water Polo effected your life?

Owen Asalone: “Water Polo has taught me a lot of lessons about life: Hard work always pays off and live your life in the present moment.”

LL: Why do you enjoy playing Water Polo?

OA: “I enjoy playing Water Polo because the games are more in depth than what meets the eye. There is more strategy than people would think. The physical aspect of the sport is very demanding and I also like playing with my friends.”

LL: What motivates you to keep playing Water Polo?

OA: “Besides playing with my good friends, being on the Varsity Water Polo is like having another family. I really value that.”

LL: What advice do you have for future players?

OA: “I really stress that new players this year do not get on coach Horman’s bad side. As for any future players, always do your best to be your best.”