April: International Guitar Month


Photo courtesy of James Sullivan

Sophomore James Sullivan playing a “Wolf” guitar during a practice session with his band.

The guitar has been around for centuries, and it has evolved into the beautiful instrument it is today over time. It’s played by talented people all around the world and is celebrated once a year during April, International Guitar Month. These local, Carlsbad student-musicians have been working hard to master the guitar by staying motivated and inspired throughout their musical career.

Students have started playing the guitar for so many different reasons. Ninth-grader Ethan Plummer started because of the same reason many professional guitarists did; It fascinated him.

“I just wanted to try it out, it seemed fun,” Plummer said.

Students, such as Plummer, are inspired by countless professional musicians or songwriters. Some even hope to become as successful as them someday. Senior Jaden Cipolla is one of these inspired students who would find it exciting to someday accomplish something big in the music industry.

Guitarist Jaden Cipolla in the band “Skin Diver” at the 3rd Annual Halloween Monster Mash in 2019. (Photo Courtesy of Jaden Cipolla)

“I actually remember hearing [a band] play and then I was like, ‘Dang, it’d be cool to do that on stage,’ Cipolla said.

Some students find themselves to be more inspired by their family and friends than other famous guitarists. Sophomore James Sullivan finds himself to be most inspired by his late uncle, whose musical legacy has motivated him to carry on with his own career.

“I decided from there I will pursue music like my uncle wanted me to,” Sullivan said.

Whether the students play their instruments for practice in order to become a professional or just play as a hobby, they stay motivated and inspired. Senior Kobe Cowell stays motivated by keeping her future in music in mind.

“I’m motivated to know an arsenal of instruments [will] benefit my future career,” Cowell said.

Other students enjoy playing the guitar for fun or for a productive hobby. Junior Josephine Dominguez plays for a myriad of reasons.

“I love getting together with my friends and playing music and hanging out,” Dominguez said. “I’m not a professional by any means, but the casualness of guitar is very nice.”

Throughout these students’ musical discoveries and guitar practices, there have been ripples of inspiration, and the effect continues for aspiring musicians. Junior Caleb Kawano continues his practice with a piece of self-motivation.

“Keep working at it, progress is progress no matter how small,” Kawano said.