Pure advocates: making a difference

Electives can always be fun, but imagine an elective where you are not only having fun, but also have the opportunity to help others. This year, CHS offers an elective called Pure Advocates, in which students can help out in the Special Education classes.

“It’s like best buddies except you work with all of the kids, instead of just one,” sophomore Alyssa Belsky said. “We help the kids make arts and craft and do really fun activities with them. I really love the kids, and I enjoy hanging out with them.”

This class allows the Special Ed students to get help in their electives, and gives them the opportunity to bond with the General Ed.

“I think that the special ed [students] gets overlooked,”  junior Alex Gardner said. “This elective gives the special ed students the opportunity to bond with other students. A few of us go in and work with the General Special Ed class and just have fun and help them out. I really enjoy this class because it gives me a different view on life and makes me feel like I am really making a difference in the world.”

Pure advocates is one of the newest elective at CHS. This is the first year students are able to work and create friendship with the students as well as make a difference in our community.

“Since this is the first year, there are only of few of us in this elective,” Gardner said. “It is really nice to be able to work with all the kids, but I really hope more people join next year.”

This elective is open to all students that love to work with others, and are willing to help people.

“First of all, it is really beneficial to our students,” Special Education teacher Ms. Baker said. “A lot of our students are not able to get into some electives because they are too difficult, and this class allows our students to interact with kids their own age. The point of this class is to get our students involved with the general education. The message we are trying to send from this class is that our students have normal lives and are just like everyone else.”