Caught Cheering


Photo by Elizabeth Ekern

Cheer Leaders huddle up at 9/20 football game against San Marcos high. While huddling up, spectators can hear their cheer.

Spectators see the cheer team performing their routines with all the pep, cheer and excitement to hype up the crowd during school sporting events. However, spectators don’t see the rigorous training, teamwork and effort that goes into being on a cheer squad.

Having rigorous practices and training every week has allowed the cheer team to attempt more challenging skills. Due to the constant work that is being put into these new moves, we are sure to see more advanced moves in the future. 

 Practicing and getting new skills has been challenging,” junior Kara Harazim said. “We have introduced more advanced stunts to our routines and perfecting them has been difficult.

This season, the cheer team has bonded through their mission to improve themselves as individual athletes and as a squad. Because of their dedication, their skills has grown greatly, as seen in their football game performances.

We overcame that challenge through hard work and support for one another,” Harazim said. “We work so hard during practice to gain new skills and perfect the ones that we already know to make sure we do well at the games. We have such a great bond and trust between us that makes our success possible.

I think my team has improved greatly talent wise and as a team. From the beginning of the season to now, we have learned many new skills that keep getting better each day as we improve them.

— junior Nicolle Jahodova

With their constant workouts and game schedule, these cheerleaders need a coach who can teach them all they need to learn and more. Coach Toni Sharp has been leading the lancer cheerleaders for four years now and loves what she sees in the team’s improvement.

We have blossomed into a team that understands the importance of dedication, commitment, work ethic and high standards that translate on to the sidelines and football field,” Sharp said. “Due to their perseverance and enthusiasm for their sport, this team is starting to receive the recognition that they have been fighting for the past four years.

Preparing for games and pep rallies for the new school year require a lot of time and commitment from the girls. Their commitment to the team requires a contract to prevent injuries from lack of training experience in order to keep everyone safe. 

We start conditioning in May, and have intense practices from July to August (4 days/week, and some weekends,)” Sharp said. “Cheerleaders sign a contract in April stating that if they are not here during summer for practices, they are not able to stunt or perform.  It’s a serious commitment that impacts a whole team. If one cheerleader is missing, a whole stunt group cannot practice and falls behind. So, the commitment is much greater than most people realize.”