Trent Lopez commits to SDSU


Dominick Shrewsberry

Trent Lopez winds up for the pitch.

Senior Trent Lopez has decided to play baseball at the next level with the SDSU Aztecs next year. Committing to play at the collegiate level is a big step for athletes, however not all can capitalize on the opportunity. Playing at the next level takes a huge passion for the sport, which will motivate players to train day in and day out- something Lopez has shown.

After receiving multiple offers, Lopez decided to become an Aztec and stay local in San Diego while still playing the sport he loves. This opportunity is not available to everyone, however, it requires constant hard work and rigorous practices. Due to the encouraging baseball coaches at Carlsbad High School, Lopez was able to train accordingly.

“Carlsbad has definitely helped prepare me for the next level,” Lopez said. “The coaches take this game very seriously and their goal is to get their players to the next level.”

Playing at the next level takes hard work and dedication over long periods of time, and in Lopez’s case, five years of preparing for this moment. All his hard work and grit payed off in the end, but his baseball career is only beginning.

“I am looking forward to playing baseball and being part of the team, but also making new friends and new experiences [at SDSU],” Lopez said. “I have always wanted to play professional baseball since I was five.”

While going to SDSU is exciting, Lopez will miss all his teammates and friends at CHS. Having been on varsity for three years, Lopez has made many friendships with his teammates who help push him through practice everyday. However, his Lancer memories will still motivate him at SDSU.

“My favorite memory of playing at Carlsbad so far was toward the end of our season last year when the whole team came together to win a few games in playoffs,” Lopez said.

Using Lopez as a role model for how to push themselves, his teammates look up to him and his work ethic. Earning teammates’ respect is crucial for a growing team’s success, so Lopez shows his passion for the sport.

“He’s overall a great player,” junior Thomas Saggese said. “He is a hard worker, good leader, and a good teammate. These all make him a great player.”

Lopez has been motivating his teammates at CHS to work harder and train more. Without these leadership skills, playing at the next level would be extremely difficult.

“A great player has exceptional work ethic and it really depends on how they work when the coaches are not looking,” Saggese said. “[He is] just a fun guy to be around.”