New trainer adjusts to Carlsbad


Kristen Young

Millard helps her athletes during games when they feel injured or sore in some way.

Athletic training is more than knowing how the best way heal an injury, they have to connect with the athletes and empower them to be confident in their capabilities. A successful trainer is one who teaches an athlete how to tell when they can play and when they cannot.

The new athletic trainer, Brianna Millard, is not only qualified for the job, but has already built relationships with the athletes and staff. She is friendly, easy to talk to and very knowledgable in her work.

“It takes a lot of experience, especially with the programs that we have here, and she comes with over 10 years of experience,” athletic directer Amanda Waters said. “She was also highly recommended by the previous trainer, Larry.”

Millard has brought many new attributes to the athletic training program. Athletes who get injured on the field, court or practice are treated immediately and properly. She treats the injured athletes to the best of her extensive abilities.

“The new trainer, Brianna, will pay attention to the game and get out there as soon as we see something is wrong regarding an athlete,” senior Zeke Liebentritt said. “She’s strong willed and she won’t let anyone tell her what to do.”

Some students get an inside look into what athletic training has in store. It comes with some of the same responsibilities of the athletic trainer. They help the head trainer with anything they require.  

“I help her out in any way possible in the training room, whether that be wrapping injuries or making ice bags,” Liebentritt said. “Seeing the recovery process of an injured athlete, seeing a guy who’s sprained his foot go from completely out of the game to being confident on that foot again is just amazing.”

Should a student be interested in joining the athletic training program, going to the trainers room and discussing their interests is the first step. Millard is always looking to add new members to her team.

“Just go in and talk to her, she really enjoys spending time with the two new student trainers we have,” Liebentritt said.

Millard is in the process of adjusting to the current lifestyle of our school. She has gotten to know many athletes so far and is impressed in their dedication and politeness.

“We have some very hard-working athletes that are definitely dedicated to their sport, and dedicated to getting better after they get injured,” Millard said. “Also, people for the most part are very respectful. I get a lot of ‘yes ma’am’ ‘thank you ma’am’ which is something I don’t really get with high school kids.”