BRIEF: Boys lacrosse heading to playoffs

This year’s men’s lacrosse season has once again displayed the talent within our athletes. The students that participated in lacrosse have gone through this season with high hopes. This season, their work ethic has transversed onto the field with their 12-8 record.

Now they have gone to playoffs, the team had to be confident and they had been working extra hard to hopefully get that CIF ring. The boys teams first game was against Pacific Ridge was a lower seed in the tournament. Although many players believed they should not go into a game expecting a full blow out.

“Going into the game today, I know we will underestimate them, which we should not do,” junior Elek Vrklan said. “Although a strong player of Pacific Ridge is hurt, we as a unit have to come in firing and playing hard.”

With this possibly being the last game of the season the varsity boys lacrosse had put a lot of effort into the last two weeks of practice. They had also thought of new strategies which  improved their playing for Playoffs against Pacific Ridge.

“We have recently, for this game, all agreed to change our defense, specifically to zone,” junior Caiden Rast said. “[Zone] is where the defenders play in a specific area when the other team has possession of the ball.”

Since the boys came out of the game with a win they will end up playing Del Norte on Friday for the quarter finals, which lead them to be that much closer in receiving that CIF ring.

“Coming out with a win, I think, will make the team even more determined to win our next few games,” junior Elek Vrklan said. “And it will get us ready and prepared for our upcoming game on Friday.”