Senior athletes commit to college


Tosh Everett

Seniors Jacob Baer and Alex Hrisanthopoulos line up at the “X” to begin the faceoff. Hrisanthopoulos is a four year letter varsity and Baer a three year.

Committing to a college can be a very exciting as well as a stressful time for some. But getting an athletic scholarship to a great school is a huge accomplishment. Seniors Ian Molloy and Alex Hrisanthopoulos did just that, as Molloy will be attending George Washington University and Hrisanthopoulos will be attending Emerson College next school year. 

Getting accepted to a school for a certain sport is pretty exciting, but sports is not the only thing athletes need to focus on. College can be a very fun but also a difficult time for many, so keeping up with school is important during these times.

“At first I was so focused in on playing D1 lacrosse, but then I realized schooling is what matters more than sports,” Hrisanthopoulos said.

College sports can be a new environment for most incoming athletes especially if it is in a new state. Going to a new school out of state can be very nerve racking, but Hrisanthopoulos and Molloy are up to the challenge.

“I’m excited to be with a new team as well as a new environment and be challenged by a different group of athletes,” Molloy said.

Playing a college sport is a huge time commitment for any athlete. Students need to make sure to keep up their grades as well as keep up with their athletic dedication. Hrisanthopoulos knows the pros and cons for lacrosse, and is willing to put in the work to play the sport he loves.

“I’m excited because it’s going to be a huge change going back East,” Hrisanthopoulos said. “It’s going to be a lot different because the culture is different.”

Both Molloy and Hrisanthopoulos view their sports as hobbies, rather than a future career. However, in the mean time, they enjoy the time they get to spend on their passions. 

“It would be cool playing professionally, but as a lacrosse player you have to realize that you can’t just play full time and you can’t make an income,”Hrisanthopoulos said. “You can make some money but it’s more of a hobby.”