Boy’s basketball CIF finals recap


Tosh Everett

Junior Brogan Pietrocini drives hard into the paint for the extra two points. This layup was able to secure Carlsbad’s spot in overtime

For the first time since 2002, Carlsbad’s men’s varsity basketball team earned themselves a spot in the CIF Division III finals, taking place Saturday night at San Marcos High School.  The No. 6 Lancers took on No. 1 Mount Miguel, starting off strong with junior Carter Plousha scoring the first two points of the night. The Lancers kept their lead throughout the first quarter, ending with a 16-10 lead.

Halfway through the second quarter, Carlsbad was still leading by six, but were hindered by the short absence of senior Isaiah Ramos in the second quarter after an injury left him out of the game for three minutes. Mount Miguel quickly bounced back and took the lead, ending the first half of the finals 31-26.

Starting the third quarter, the Lancers scored seven points to get ahead, but Mount Miguel quickly caught back up. Throughout the third and fourth quarters, both teams led numerous times, but ended the game tied 60-60, causing the game to go into overtime.

The four minute overtime was a constant back and forth, with Carlsbad and Mount Miguel trading the lead back and forth, but ultimately ending 66-66, resulting in the game going into double overtime. Once again, no team managed to clutch the lead, and the game went into triple overtime. Although both teams led throughout the game, Mount Miguel eventually came out on top in triple overtime, ending the game 79-76.

Carlsbad’s starters were the main players throughout the game, and Plousha was the game’s highest scorer with 23 points. Junior Gavin Schmidt played a strong game, shooting multiple three-pointers throughout the game, and junior Brogan Pietrocini stayed in the game the longest for Carlsbad at 42 minutes and 59 seconds, scoring 19 points during the night. Senior Isaiah Ramos scored 16 points throughout the game and junior Chase Murray had seven points.

Loud Crowd was in large attendance at the game, cheering throughout the night. Although the Lancers did not win the game, they still earned the 16th seed in the Division III state playoffs against the No. 1 Hillcrest Trojans.