Jake Larimer steps up to the plate


Nick Beith

Guarding the Sage Creek runner at first base, junior Jake Larimer waits for a throw from the pitcher. Larimer plays a majority of the infield positions including serving as a back up pitcher.

Also known as “Lake,” junior Jake Larimer has flooded Carlsbad’s Varsity Baseball team with moral support as well as skill on the field. As the only sophomore who made team last season, Larimer has been praised by many of his teammates and coaches for his commitment to the game.

His contributions to the team shine on and off the field, as he goes above and beyond to support his team.

“In the beginning of the season, there were practically no seniors on the team,” Larimer said. “The roster was missing a second basemen, so they picked me to fill in.”

Due to the initial shortage of seniors on the team, the coaches had to replace the players they lost the year before. This meant that many juniors, like Larimer, were playing positions that were unavailable in previous seasons.

“He’s just a big boy, he hits bombs all the time,” junior Korey Loberg said.

On the field, Larimer’s main position is second base. However, what makes Larimer a first-rate player, is his ability on the mound and behind the plate. Currently a backup pitcher, Larimer is a far better batter as he is currently the third or fourth player in the batting order. 

“It’s unusual to find people who are that good at pitching and batting, none the less, be the first string second basemen.” junior Gage Samala said. “He’s like an artist.”

His current position, second base, is one of the most important positions in the infield. Second basemen are often responsible for a multitude of roles making this position one of the most challenging in baseball. The fact that Larimer was picked for this position is a testament to his abilities on the field. But, his contributions to the team do not end there.

“Before games in the locker room, he is definitely the one who turns up the hardest,” Loberg said.

Team morale is one of the most important factors in how any team will perform in a game. In many ways, it is the most important because if the players aren’t motivated to win, then they will be less likely bring their “A” game. Before every game in the locker room, Larimer can be seen leading chants and helping his team get mentally prepared for the game they’re about to play.

“Baseball has been a major part of my life since I was a little kid. A lot of my best memories are on the field,” Larimer said.

Playing baseball continuously starting at the age of three, Larimer has dedicated much of his childhood and adolescence to the sport. He even became an umpire for a period of time with the local recreational and club leagues.

“Baseball has affected my life in many ways. I’m still playing ball with some of the same people I knew when I was a kid,” Larimer said. “It’s taught me responsibility and to never turn your back on your friends even when times get tough.”