Mrs. Waters takes on a new role


Mac Harden

Mrs. Waters is the new Athletic Director and has many changes planned for the athletic programs at Carlsbad High School. Waters balances coaching the varsity women’s basketball team and being Athletic Director.

Mrs. Waters has represented Carlsbad’s athletic department as the girls basketball coach for seven years and now looks to represent all of the sports as she takes on the role of being our school’s new athletic director.

“I am humbled to have been asked to be the athletic director. I think it is a position that I can affect not only my own basketball team, but other student-athletes as well. I plan to help them have a good experience here and for my coaches to feel supported,” Mrs. Waters said. “I’m excited that I get to spend time getting to know the student athletes, teachers and coaches better as well as building that relationship so that they can know me and know that I want what is best for them.”

Being a basketball coach allows her to experience first hand what the coaches and athletes go through, and this knowledge helps her to relate with all the staff and participants in the athletic department as the athletic director. Even though she loves basketball, she has an invested interest in representing all sports at the school.

“I care about all the sports, not just my own,” Waters said. “I love seeing kids laughing and smiling at football games, having safe fun.”

While her new position as the athletic director has taken away some of her focus from basketball, she manages to devote time in both areas with the help of assistant coaches, the JV basketball coach and senior captains who she knows will fulfill her expectations.

“She definitely has a lot of passion for what she does,” senior basketball player Sophie Clark said. “This only makes us want to work harder.”

Students can expect more spirited events like the “black out” pep rally Carlsbad had the first week of September. She intends to coordinate with Mrs. Nasser, the ASB Director, in the future for more sport spirited occasions. Mrs. Waters takes the job as athletic director very seriously and intends to be involved in everything from the stadium to the golf course.

“Students will see me a lot. I will be at practices and out at games,” Waters said. “I want them to get used to seeing me and knowing I am someone they can come and talk to if there is a problem or to be there to run things by.”

While Carlsbad says goodbye to old athletic director Mr. Liebentritt, they can expect to see Mrs. Waters’ new face in the office and involved in all of the athletics at the school.