FORE score and seven years: An overview of Boys Golf


Senior Taylor Smith measures up to putt/

Almost nearing the end of their season, boys Varsity Golf strives to win their league in the CIF’s. The team holds a score of 4 wins to 1 loss, with 3 more matches to look forward to. Although unable to make regionals in recent years, this year looks promising with the team full of new golfers.

“We had a bit of a rough start in the beginning of the season, but we have improved a lot and we just need to be consistent with our scores,” junior Ryan Sewell said. “We have a lot of new, great skill this year. Our freshman, Cullen Plousha, has definitely elevated the level of play in our team. He pushes me and our team to do better.”

Golfing is a silent sport, requiring focus and tranquility to be able to play the sport. Many of the players have had to train not only their bodies, but their minds in order to excel in the game.

“The hardest part about golf is the mental aspect,” junior Kyle Egge said. “Golf is a sport where you have no one to back you up. Your friends are there, but your own score just depends on you. There is a lot of pressure to play well on the course and you know if you are responsible for doing poorly.”

Golfing is scored by having 6 players from each school play their own individual match. While each of them have individual scores on the course, the final score is determined by the added scores of the best 5 players of each team. The lowest score between the two competing teams wins.

“I started playing golf coming from baseball, which is also funny because that’s how Ryan came to play as well,” Egge said. “My uncle and my dad used to play a lot, and my uncle always told me I had a great swing. They took me out to play one time and I have loved it ever since. I used to play baseball but now golf is the only sport I play now.”

The golf team has done well so far, and looks forward to the rest of their season.

“The thing that attracted me toward golfing is the competitive nature; it’s hard to explain but there is just a lot more satisfaction with winning,” said Sewell. “The relaxing nature of the sport and hanging out with my friends keeps me playing.”