Perfection struck


Danny Tajimaroa

Senior Chase Grant takes to home plate to bat in Wed. Mar. 26’s game against Del Norte. Lancers proved victorious as they shut out Del Norte 9-0.

While majority of you were in fifth period gladly learning, the Carlsbad baseball team was warming up and mentally preparing for their quickly approaching game. With  many days of hard work and discipline, the Lancers felt the need to find their mental state of relaxation by joking around while listening to music.

Once the first pitch was thrown, the game faces were on and intensity filled the air. Their intensity allowed them to keep a steady lead the whole game.

“The plan of attack was to remain relaxed the whole game, while still being completely serious and come out hot,” junior left fielder Eli Cullinan said. “We played really well as a group; there was a lot of team chemistry. You could tell everyone was very focused; we all took care of our specific jobs to make sure the game remained perfect. It was a great team win.”

Carlsbad defeated Del Norte 3-0, Tuesday night. Carlsbad pitcher Ryan Wilson did not allow a single opponent on base, which is the hardest thing for a pitcher to do. Devon Valdivia’s snag and throw at third along with Matt Wezniak’s tag kept the Nighthawks at zero, making it a perfect game for the Lancers. Conner McKenna hit a home run and Chase Grant scored twice on a couple doubles allowing Carlsbad to lead by three.

“I felt pretty good about the game,” senior pitcher Ryan Wilson said. “I have thrown a couple no hitters, but this was the first perfect game I threw. It was one of my best games I have ever thrown. Usually, Del Norte is a pretty good team, but they were not hitting too well. I got hit by a baseball last summer, it broke my cheek and shattered my orbital, so I did not know that I would be pitching again this season. That is another reason why it means so much, to be playing well.”

The pats on the back, high fives and sarcasm thrown to each player show the fans that these students have become a tight-knit team. This win is the first step to making a comeback from their last year attempt to CIF finals.

“If we continue to play with the same focus and intensity we possessed during the game the upcoming season will be great and our road to CIF will be paved,” Cullinan said.