Football players sign for their futures

Varsity Coach Mac Neal shares a moment with senior Noah McGinty shortly after the signing.

Growing up, kids scribble their signature on every surface they can get their hands on. Nine students at Carlsbad made those early days of practice their signature pay off when they signed their letters of intent on Feb. 5. Just a few strokes of a pen bind these football players to their college for the next four years of their lives. While these athletes are promising to be apart of their collegiate football team, they are also agreeing to attend their chosen schools on a scholarship. For the nine players signing, they begin to realize how close they are to making their dreams become a reality.

“I’ve been playing high-level football at Carlsbad for four years and  couldn’t be more motivated to get out on that field,” senior Christian Chapman said. “My team and coaches were able to bring me up to this point and be successful enough to play division one football.”

Unlike many of their peers, these athletes now have the benefit of knowing where they are going to attend college. While senior year is usually filled with anxiety and uncertainty, the players who signed now have security in their future and can get a head start on deciding what they want to do for the rest of their lives.

“Last year I was really stressed because I didn’t know where I was going to go to college and whether I could play or not,” senior Justin Garza said. “Now I can just relax and start getting ready for the craziness college football. I am so grateful for the opportunity.”

After dedicating many hours to training, watching film and playing the game, these players still continue to work hard for their first season of college football. The jump from high school to college level athletics may be a great one, but these students are driven for success and to make their mark on the football team.

“There’s going to be much more competition and we’re going to have to step it up a bit more,” senior Vladyslav Korobkin said. “I’m looking forward to meeting new people and getting a great education.”

While these students will have to be ready for college level athletics, they will also have to face the difficult academic courses. Though the schedule may get hectic, the athletes have been readied by their teachers and coaches during their high school career. Carlsbad looks forward to seeing these nine students excel and perform at the next level across the nation

“It makes me feel really proud just to see their growth throughout their four years,”  football coach MacNeal said. “Seeing them going onto bigger and better things couldn’t make me more happy.”