Freshmen make waves on the sport court


Marianna Marsden

Kelley and Macy show team spirit during practice. JVs last game was on Friday against RBV.

Bump. Set. Spike. For two freshmen, these moves have become a lifestyle– moves that they can now execute on court with fellow upperclassmen on the junior varsity volleyball team. Starting volleyball at ten-years old, the two have proven to the program that they deserve to be on the team. Kelley Jacome and Macy Peabody challenged themselves at tryouts and everyday at practice to reach their potentials.

“At first, I was intimidated because I knew I was a younger player and I had less experience,” Jacome said.  “Plus I did not know anyone, but then I found Macy who was also a freshman and I felt more accepted. As a team, we practice every school day, so eventually, I felt accepted.”

Macy possessed similar feelings. Though their coach felt the two could easily fit in because of their personalities and diligence.

“Kelley is very bubbly and  is my most outspoken player, even though she  is the youngest on the team,”  junior varsity volleyball coach Jasmine White said. “She definitely keeps me on my toes for coaching. She is a great player and she works hard. As for Macy, she is always so positive and always has good things to say about everyone. I love how teachable she is and how hard she works. They have definitely brought a lot to the team.”

The team captains also believe that the two have been sharpening their skills all season and definitely hold their weight. All season, they have remained strong attributes to the team.

“I do not think of them as freshman; they don’t play like it and it is fun having them play,” junior varsity team captain Bailey Boka said. “I think it is cool that they are playing with people that they will eventually be playing with on varsity. They fit in really well; you can’t even tell that they are freshman, because they work as hard as all of us.”

Making the team gives the freshmen new friends and a scene of acceptance to the new high school environment. In addition, the two are pushed to another level of excellence, concerning volleyball, being on an older team.

“I think it is good for them to play and to challenge themselves on a higher level team,” said White. “In this league, junior varsity is a higher level of volleyball, and I feel that it is good that those two have the opportunity to play at a more intense level. I am glad I had the opportunity to coach the two because of their upbeat spirits and hard working attitudes.”