Football players show appreciation for teachers


Marianna Marsden

Varsity football player Junior Macedo shows his appreciation for Mrs. Alfonso by giving her his jersey for the Friday night game. At the pep rally the teachers sported their students jerseys giving their support.

Many students at Carlsbad High School go to support the numerous successful football players every Friday night at CHS. They inspire students here to be proud and driven Lancers, but who inspires these star athletes? None other than the hard-working teachers at Carlsbad High School.

The football players gave their jerseys to their favorite teachers to show how much they appreciate all that these teachers do for them.

” To show our gratitude we are asking them to wear our jerseys to show support. This is especially important to us because our game against Oceanside is really huge and having them there to support us means a lot,” senior Vince Barone said.

Loud crowd plays a key role at big games like Oceanside, but seeing teachers in the crowd just adds to how good the support feels.

“I’m giving my jersey to Mrs. Sanderlin because she is a really good teacher, and helps me out whenever I need it. A teacher you can always rely on is the reason this week is so important to me,” senior James Carver said.

The students at Carlsbad High School use this week to reflect on how lucky we are to have such dedicated teachers. Many of the teachers here offer help at lunch, after school and before school as well. This week is for students to thank their teachers for everything they do. Most teachers are at school hours before classes begin as well as several hours after. They keep in touch with the students through loop mail and make sure that every student is getting the best education they can offer.

“This week is really important to me because students often take their teachers for granted, and it is nice for us to be able to thank them,” Barone said.

Teacher appreciation week is very important to students at Carlsbad High School because the teachers put in so much hard work, and students take advantage of this week to give a thank you to the people who help to create a bright future for us.

“Our teachers help us all out so much, and it is nice for us to be able to thank them by asking them to wear our jerseys,” senior James Carver said.