The girls golf tees off to a great start


Adoley Swaniker

Maria Rojas, a third-year junior on varsity golf, practices her stroke. The girls on women’s golf put in many hours in hopes to clench the CIF title.

Starting from scratch is never easy, whether it’s baking a cake, moving to a new school, or forming a new varsity team.
The varsity girls golf team welcomes an unusual amount of new members this year, including two freshman.  With so many new additions to the team, and only three returning members, the future seemed uncertain as players face the challenge of redefining the core of their team.  However, they seem to be coping quite well as they start off their season with an impressive record of 5-2 and hope to continue their success.
With an almost completely new varsity team, the addition of many new faces is a positive experience.
“I was more excited than nervous making varsity as a freshman, everyone has been really welcoming and always there to answer any questions I have,” Rebecca Allen said.  “It was also really nice to meet some older girls in high school and to build friendships with new people.”
Moving from Indiana her junior year, senior captain Lauren Kirkwood knows exactly what it’s like to be the “new girl.”  Kirkwood makes it her goal to see the team’s chemistry grow and develop.  As a captain, Kirkwood takes her responsibilities in stride.
“As a captain I do feel a leadership role to encourage and support all the new girls, especially the freshman, and to make sure they feel welcome,” captain Lauren Kirkwood said.
Golf, being an independent sport, brings some interesting elements to scoring and performing as a team.  Players compete individually, then add up each member’s score for a combined total score and the school with the lowest combined score wins.  Like any other sport, each member plays an important role in the team.
“We all depend on each other to perform well individually in order to be successful as a team,” Allen said.
Pressure to live up to previous expectations could seem stressful, but this team finds a way use this as a motivation to hold each other to a higher standard.
“Being a part of a team you discover the most important aspect is to have that chemistry,” Kirkwood said.  “You realize the importance of supporting each other and wanting everyone to do well.”