Holland Crider: living the lancer dream


Danny Tajimaroa

Varsity player, Holland Crider, gets spontaneous during football practice. Crider enjoys playing safety and fullback as a proud and dedicated lancer.

After living in San Jose for three years, senior Holland Crider has returned to Carlsbad and is fulfilling his childhood dream of playing football as a lancer as a fullback and safety on the varsity team.

Crider grew up as a gymnast and soon started playing football for Carlsbad Pop Warner. On Friday nights, Crider always attended the high school football games throughout the fall, dreaming one day he would be one of the players.

“I remember all my life growing up and being one of the little kids watching the lancers run through the tunnel,” Crider said. “I remember always wanting to do that.”

His life was lined up for him to play high school football for the team he grew up watching, until he received the news his family was moving to San Jose. His lifelong goal of being a Lancer soon withered away. After three years in Northern California playing football for Leeland High School, Crider and his family moved back to Carlsbad the summer before his senior year.

“When I moved to San Jose, I was pretty bummed I couldn’t be a lancer, and now it’s my senior year and I finally get one year to do that,” Crider said.

The level of competition increased as soon as he stepped on the Carlsbad turf. More practices, more plays, more coaches and more fans.  Playing in a new position with a new #14 , Crider was anxious to start from scratch. Coming from a team where he was the captain and most valuable player, he was ready to rise to the level of play here.

“He is a really talented player and it’s great having him on the field,” captain Christian Chapman said. “We welcomed him with open arms and we are really glad he came to Carlsbad to play with us.”

Finally, Aug. 30, Crider saw the outcome of all of his hard work and dedication. After all these years, he ran through the tunnel underneath the stadium lights in front of the roaring fans. A multitude of emotions ran through his head as he finally experienced the moment he had been waiting for.

“Running through the tunnel was an awesome feeling. I actually get to do this,” Crider said. “My main thought was ‘don’t mess up.’ My next thought was to just take it all in.”

Crider continues to work on his game and improve his skills. Every day poses a new challenge he is ready to tackle. Although moving back to Carlsbad has been a big change for the football player, he is more motivated now than he ever has been before. The team appreciates Crider’s work ethic and thrives off the energy he brings to games. Finally after all these years, Holland Crider is home.

“I do love being back,” Crider said. “I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I came back here.”