Editorial: Where has Lancer pride gone?


Courtesy of Bryan Brockett

At 9:30, Dr. Brockett sent home an email to inform parents that administration was forced to end the dance early due to dangerous and destructive behavior.

On Saturday, Oct. 2, students walked onto our campus ready for an exciting and memorable night at the annual Homecoming dance. These very students left the school just over two hours later, not because the dance came to an end, but because the poor decisions made by a handful of Lancers cut it short.

That night, our fellow classmates destroyed over 60 pairs of silent disco headphones, ripped the coin box out of an arcade machine, threw objects such as shoes and water bottles, and injured four students. 

This behavior is unprecedented and unacceptable and we, as an Editorial Board, are frustrated and embarrassed.

It has been a year and a half since the entire  student body has had the privilege of coming back to in-person school and this is how we return? By damaging elements of our dance that make it unique and fun?

Not only did many students spoil the event by choosing to spend their Homecoming dance acting like children, they compromised the safety of our classmates. Several students were hit by headphones that had been thrown into the air. At least one suffered a concussion. 

These kids came to the dance in hopes of enjoying a Saturday night with their friends, but instead, ended up visiting the emergency room because their peers thought it would be funny to damage property that isn’t even owned by the school. Inexcusable.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that we have seen behavior like this since school began. Launching water bottles and bodysurfing in the student section at football games are common sights this year. During school hours, the lunch crowd, which is predominately underclassmen, leave a huge mess in the quad and at the lunch tables. The lack of respect for our campus and its staff is shameful and dishonorable.

Since its founding in 1957, Carlsbad High has stood as the pride of its community. Home to nationally recognized programs and top ranked athletics, our school upholds a dignified reputation. With this reputation comes a responsibility to maintain a safe, clean and respected environment, something that cannot be done without the cooperation of all students. 

If we do not achieve this cooperation in the coming months, our administration will continue to enforce consequences. They have already taken away the powder toss at the Pink Out football game and the underclassmen’s ability to attend Winter Formal. If actions such as the ones that took place at the Homecoming dance occur again, there will be no Morp. There will be no Snow Day. There will be no Prom. 

The events held outside of school hours are organized, planned, and supported for students, by students. Carlsbad High has the privilege of hosting several dances and one-of-a-kind experiences, all of which can be attributed to the funding of our programs. We cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars in reparations every time we host a dance, nor will we tolerate it.

This disgraceful behavior affects every single one of us, no matter if we had any part in it or not. We ask that if you partook in any of this, whether you damaged any of the gear or witnessed anyone do so, that you speak up and say something. 

Seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen alike will continue to suffer if change does not occur. We all want our first year back after eighteen months at home to be unforgettable and spirited, but this will not happen if things do not change. 

So Lancers, we need you to begin acting like Lancers. Clean up after yourselves, treat those on campus the way you would want to be treated, and be the good representatives of our school that we know you can be. Your fellow Lancers expect nothing less from you.