Your silence is compliance

“I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe.” For eight minutes and 46 seconds, a disgusting excuse of a Minneapolis officer held his knee on George Floyd. This was eight long minutes of Floyd screaming that he cannot breathe while three other police officers condone this behavior, simply standing by and watching. 

Police officers swore under the oath of the law that they serve to protect this country, regardless of skin color. Regardless of their differences. But what we see nationwide is the complete opposite of protection. It is the sole reason as to why there are millions of people protesting for human rights at this very moment. You saw in your history books this happened in the 18th, the 19th, the 20th and now the 21st century. What does it take for us to accept the fact that black lives matter? 

George Floyd could not breathe. He cried for help while being held down. Yet we saw protesters a month ago complaining about using a mask while going outside during a global pandemic. We saw no police cars driving outside while people were protesting in Huntington Beach about how they do not want to wear masks anymore. Yet when we see the black community fighting for their lives, fighting to have their rights, police are everywhere armed with guns, tear gas and pepper spray. In fact, the protests occurring in Huntington Beach right now for the Black Lives Matter movement were deemed an “unlawful assembly.” The hypocrisy in these words. The privilege that radiates off of these actions. It is terrifying. 

As a country we have to stand united alongside the black community. We preach equality and we preach diversity yet we seem to draw the line at a black person jogging down the street on their daily route or going to the grocery store to get food. The police brutality and the stigma around black people that they are animals is wrong and unjustifiable. We need a change and the way to do that is to say something– support the Black Lives Matter movement

Silence is compliance. Neutrality is compliance. Make a difference and speak out. Be the change. And if you are uncomfortable, where was this energy when hundreds, even thousands of armed people protested Michigan’s state capital demanding to no longer have stay-at-home orders? 

The purpose of this movement is to be heard and seen by everybody. What it means is that it does not matter the skin color because all black people are asking is to be seen as human. To be seen as someone who deserves the same rights as those who are privileged enough to be born with them. 

We are the next generation and we are the future. As young activists we need to be loud, or our silence will overpower the voices of black people. Donate and sign petitions. Be proactive and find ways to support the cause. If you are unable to donate there are many ways to help show your support by watching a video about how to financially help BLM with no money

We are the change. Do not stay silent. Say their names.