Dear seniors…


Emily Hyde

The sun is setting on senior year.

Dear Seniors,

Amid this time of year, all seniors are thinking about the next step. Our eyes are focused on the next school, the next opportunity and the next major change in our lives. This, in itself, is extremely exciting; however, it is important that we finish our high school career in a mindful and present mindset. I believe change is wonderful– we will be experiencing so much of that within the next year– however if we become too focused on the future, we lose sight of the present.

This last summer I had somewhat of an epiphany regarding myself, my friends and the entirety of high school. While this may seem cheesy, I realized how indescribably lucky so many of us are to live the lives we do. We live in a beautiful town, attend a prideful and supportive school and are surrounded with so many opportunities every day to change our lives for the better. As a senior, I know how exciting and fulfilling our current lives are, however I also know how easy it is to lose sight of that when you experience it every day.

I fully understand everyone has different experiences as a senior, and not everyone has a perfect life; that being said, I think it is time that we start trying to see the beautiful little things that happen every day. Getting to spend every day with your closest friends, driving down the coast during sunset and never sleeping on the weekend are all such little but wonderful things we will soon miss when they are gone.

So many people will spend the next six weeks begging to “get out” and living everyday only waiting to walk at graduation. The excitement they have for their future is incredible, but I personally cannot understand how there can be so much disregard for the present. I feel lucky to have realized this before my senior year because I have been relishing in every single moment. Every weekend, every sunset, every memory has meant more to me this year than really any other period of time in my life.

I know that each person will either come to see this on their own, or they will not– and that is okay. We each have different focuses within our lives and each person expresses that differently. I just hope more seniors can come to realize the beauty in their lives and savor it before they have to leave.


A fellow senior.