Thirteen Reasons Why has a shocking ending

The Netflix original series Thirteen Reasons Why became very popular to Netflix subscribers when the first season was released in March of 2017. More than a year later in May of 2018, Netflix released the second season of the popular series. Many of the shows followers were very surprised, and some even disappointed with the ending outcome of season two.

The conclusion to the second season ended with many outcomes that easily angered its viewers. One of the most disturbing outcomes was the unsubstantial punishment given to a teen for raping the character Jessica. After a small trial against Bryce, the judge decided to give Bryce three months probation as punishment. Many viewers were sickened by the punishment given.

Positive change has the chance to come out of this initial disturbance with the lack of punishment given to the character Bryce. The case portrayed by the series represents real life outcomes of similar cases of rape and sexual assault today.

Cases like the one of Brock Turner also did not provide a sufficient amount of discipline. The punishment given upon Turner for taking advantage of an unconscious girl was just a six month jail sentence. 

By stirring up anger in the shows viewers, 13 Reasons Why brings necessary attention for the need of people to be aware how the punishment should be more severe for these crimes and how the risk for the potential to be taken advantage of may be higher than they thought.

There is no denying in saying that 13 Reasons Why brings up touchy subjects that tend to be ignored or avoided. Bringing up these scary topics can be difficult, but is necessary in order spread awareness about these situations.

As the topic of sexual assault gradually becomes more comfortable for people to talk about, the awareness and fear of sharing experiences with it will increase as well. Everyone must know to always try to be in the safest situation possible in order increase their assurance of their own safety.

The show having characters that have experienced sexual harassment themselves also may help people in real life that have been affected to know that they are not alone, that it truly is scary and that they should not feel ashamed to share what they have been through.

Although the show ends with a more than disappointing outcome and discusses rather touchy topics, it benefits society by bringing attention to the realness of sexual assault and rape. People learn from their frustrations from the show that these situations do occur in real life, and by presenting these topics fictionally, it can be easier to discuss them in real cases. Victims should never feel embarrassed or ashamed to speak out against these crimes, and hopefully this series demonstrated that.