The glorifying benefits of juicing

Jordan Bryant

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On Saturday Apr. 14-15, as an experimental diet, I completed a two-day juice cleanse. A juice cleanse is where you only drink juices- which are filled with the nutrients your body needs,  for a short amount of days as a way to replenish your body and to flush out toxins. Health is not how your body looks, but how your body feels, which is what is most important. The cleanse helped to improve how my body felt and it increased my energy and productivity. If you are feeling the dreadful pull of school as the year begins to end, a cleanse could restart your body and help get you mentally prepared to study for finals.

On my first day, I noticed I was much less hungry after one drink than I would be after a full breakfast. I had less cravings and felt much less hungry throughout the day. My plan was to drink one juice every two hours. I almost successfully completed this, however my problem was that the juice I had bought tasted extremely disgusting, so I began making my own drinks with my juicer at home. This worked out much better and had the same effects, however it is all up to one’s preference. I continued drinking one every two hours and finished my last one around 7 p.m. Overall, I felt more energized than I would on a regular day. I was excited to begin my second day.

When I woke up the next morning, I felt energized. Usually, I wake up feeling more tired than I do when I go to sleep. However this day, I got up right as I woke up and began my first drink. I also noticed that my skin looked much more fresh in the morning, rather than its usual dull appearance. However, I definitely noticed more cravings on this day. I was more energized, and I felt physically less hungry, however I missed food itself. A juice-only diet really makes you appreciate the importance of solid food. I completed my juices this day with ease, however the thoughts of my cravings were constantly on my mind. This cleanse is truly a mental challenge. I ended that day with my first real meal in two days. I started off with just eating a salad for dinner, so to easily get back into eating regular foods, and I will truly learn to appreciate food more often.

As a result of this juice cleanse, I noticed I felt more healthy. I had energy for the first time in forever  I personally do not want to diet for I am perfectly content the way I am, however I do know that I need to eat healthier. This cleanse made me realize the actual benefits of healthy eating and why you should eat your fruits and vegetables. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to kick-start their body into eating more healthy. I now plan on doing a cleanse every month, for two or three days.

Many people think juicing is a hoax and does not have any noticeable improvements, however it is different for every person. I loved doing this cleanse and I recommend it to anyone who wants to start eating healthier. My goal is to continue eating as healthy as I did last weekend, and I hope to inspire others looking for the same.