Why concerts are beneficial

Some people may say Disney is the happiest place on Earth but honestly for me, it’s a concert. Seeing a favorite artist perform live, right in front of you, is such an amazing experience. Even though buying tickets can be pricey, there’s no doubt it will be a memorable night.

We all know that playing the same song on repeat is always fun to jam to, but when you experience that song live, everything changes. Being that close to an artist just makes everything in that moment feel so real and it is an insane feeling to have. Each show has its own vibe that can never be replicated. 

When you walk into a concert venue, it’s like you are entering a whole new world. The atmosphere is crazy, with people singing along to the music, dancing and overall just having a great time. It’s pretty cool that in that moment, in that night, everyone is there for the same exact reason; to listen to great music and forget all their troubles. Even though it may just be four hours or so, I can promise you that you will leave all your problems behind and just live in the moment. Being able to have a sense of escape in these venues is an astonishing feeling. 

Most concerts include the long line of people, anticipating what’s to come, and you’re almost always likely to make new friends. Whether it’s a person you accidentally run into in line, or someone you end up dancing next to, you will immediately have something in common. Music truly connects people; it really does. Being at a concert allows people to finally stop looking at their screens and really just focus on what is going on right in front of them. In today’s society, people tend to be very dependent on their phones and often forget that there is a real life outside of that screen. When you are at a concert, there is so much going on around you that makes you forget you even own a phone.

Many people tend to say that certain bands or musicians have saved their lives and it’s people like that who are able to connect to the music in such a deeper way. Music shows you that there is someone out there who feels what you are feeling and understands; music truly shows you that you are never alone. Something that makes seeing an artist live vs. listening to their music on your phone different is that the artists tend to explain their songs and tell stories in between, and that right there is something you can’t experience digitally. Learning the meaning behind your favorite songs gives you a brand new type of connection to the music.

Attending a concert is known to decrease the release of stress hormones, making you both calmer and overall happier. Also, the excitement can cause your brain to release endorphins which block pain, allowing concert goers to have a more enjoyable time. Honestly, you will most likely be sore the next morning, with a sore throat from singing lyrics at the top of your lungs the night before. But hey, if people laugh at how much money you spent the previous nights, you can just tell them that it was beneficial for your health. When you are in this type of atmosphere, it’s easy to forget your problems and just enjoy the moment and that right there is an unforgettable experience. 

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