Picking the right major

computing jobs will grow popular as our technology improves every second

When seniors prepare to embark towards college, only a few decide to pick computer science as their major every year. This is a rising concern for job availability in the computer field because there’s a low possibility for college graduates to become computer engineers. Therefore, the U.S. Labor Bureau reported there will be more computing jobs available than people actually wanted it in the upcoming years. As there are low interest for jobs related to the computer science major, few students actually dedicated to being a computer engineer this year; it can be an issue in our job markets due to a increasing growth in the future. If you’re undecided on picking a major in college, majoring in computer science is a wise option because it has decent income and one of the most popular jobs in the technology industry sector.  

Computer engineering has become the most popular job since the internet came about. Furthermore, it now deals with increasing recent cyber security issues since hackers invent new ways to gain access to any electrical devices, such as a computer. Computing jobs, such as Software developers, projected to grow 24% from 2016 to 2026 according to the U.S. Labor Bureau.

Therefore, it will become so popular in the future which technology companies will give out more computer-related jobs.

Since most high school students who have potential on improving cyber security remain undecided on picking their majors, they should major in the computer science field because there will be jobs available after their college life.

The college admission requirements have high expectations in math and science subjects for anyone interested in being a computer engineer. Furthermore, students who are interested on STEM majors have to face competitive admission requirements; UCSD, for instance, requires a SAT math score of 630-760 before being considered for admission due to intense competition. As colleges become aware of high school students majoring in the computer-related fields, companies may have an easier time to recruit college graduates who have knowledge for their own computing jobs. Despite the competition for college admission, high school students who are interested on majoring in computer science field can apply to colleges which can train them to have knowledge in computer engineering.

Students who are interested in being a computer engineer can feel depressed and start to lose their self-esteem when being rejected from their dream college. However, some students are aware of the competitive admission requirements and managed to put their dedication on getting good grades. Therefore, they’re more likely go to colleges which train them to gain knowledge for computer engineering. Furthermore, the computer science major will provide various jobs relating to it; technology companies, such as Google, have various related computing jobs waiting for college graduates. When students face pressure from their Ivy League colleges, they should put their best effort and go to any colleges, which fit their best interest, because knowledge will come into play with any company who want to hire them in the future.

While computing jobs will increase over time, computing jobs will grow popular as our technology improves every second. It has various positions because technology companies want computer engineers to specialize on different areas of improving cyber security. Since technology improves our standard of living, majoring in computer science is wise if you want to expose yourself into technology.