Why children need confidence


Alex Brown

Junior Sierra Vakilli, and freshman Ravi Pathak, smile for the camera. The students exhibit confidence with their proud smiles and school spirit.

Maddie Dufault, Reporter

Children who feel like they are unworthy and have no value are the result of unright treatment and the lack confidence building that needs to begin at a young age. Children need to be proud and confident in their self image to become individuals that value themselves and others.

As the result of children having a strong confidence, a more successful society will be created.

A positive self-esteem is the basis for children to be happy and successful individuals. Too often parents and teachers break kids’ confidence unknowingly. The typical parental tools of setting goals and comparing children’s success can be taken too far. So far, that children become unable to believe in themselves and treat themselves as worthy people.

Parents often blindly treat their children in ways that lessen the positive outlook they have on themselves. Parents set unachievable goals or unrealistic expectations, that are often times impossible for their children to successfully accomplish. When children do not meet their parents’ expectations they are left feeling unworthy and ashamed of their self ability. Often a parent’s approval is all a child wants and when this is not given, the feeling of no value is often reflected onto the children. By expecting the unachievable, parents set their child up for failure in the future.

Negative comparisons are often done by parents whether they realize it or not. When the strengths of some are contrasted with the weaknesses of another, the weaker child will likely feel hurt and of no value. Especially in cases when parents have children of different ages, negative comparisons often occur; the older child who is more mature and knowing will have more success when compared to a younger, more naive child. When parents forget about this and compare their children as equals, they may think they are holding the younger child to high yet attainable standards, but in reality they are tearing the younger child down.

When children have low self esteem they are more likely to have low expectations for themselves and have an angry or negative attitude towards others. They will not have many friends to be around or be successful in society. In the worst of cases, kids will lose all sense of self worth from having little reason to having a strong confidence. Adolescent suicide is a very real issue in society and cannot be ignored. People should be doing all they can to stop this, and raising self confidence is a major step that is crucial to fixing the problem.

As a young child, learning happens from observing. This does not end when it comes to self-esteem. A parent’s reaction to children will teach them how to view themselves. When parents react in positive ways around their child, they will learn to self reflect in a positive way as well. Realism also needs to be a factor in raising children as well. If kids are given realistic expectations and are around parents and people who are honest with them, the result will be positive. Kids are able to tell when they are around people who react dishonestly; they should be treated as people as well, no less and no more. Goals that are achievable prepare a child for success. The ability to accomplish an expectation given by parents and feel confident about what they have done, will result in them feeling confident with jobs they will need to achieve in the future. Children will also be able to interact with others and create friendships as well.

Some are hesitant to install confidence in others out of fear that they will become arrogant and use their newfound confidence to hurt others. However, this does not have to be the case. A strong self confidence will make kids aware of their ability to achieve success and have knowledge of their weaknesses as well. The fear of a negative attitude cannot keep children from feeling confident in themselves.

As the result of children having a strong confidence, a more successful society will be created. Everyone will have positive attitudes and energy to spread to each other.