Join some clubs before it’s too late


Tyler White

Jeremy can not get enough of the Carlsbad club scene.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. Don’t wait until your senior year to join a club.

Carlsbad has dozens of clubs that offer and so many opportunities that, in retrospect, it seems foolish not to have taken advantage of. Colleges love seeing students involved with extracurriculars like clubs, and the more years they see a student sticking with a club the better.

When a college sees a student who has stuck with something like Athletes for Rwanda, Asian-Pacific Union, or Juggling club for a multitude of years, the more likely they are to stop and think, “Oh golly, this kid really is passionate about making a difference in his school and community,” or “Gee-whiz, this kid really cares strongly about his heritage and culture,” or even “Neat-O, this kid can juggle…we want more jugglers on our campus.”

Also colleges are going to love seeing that you’re an officer or the president of a club. It’s shows the leadership qualities that colleges definitely want from kids on their campuses.

Hey guess what else boys and girls? Clubs are fun too! Yeah that’s right, clubs are F-U-N. As long as you choose to be apart of a club that sparks your interest, you’re basically guaranteed to enjoy being surrounded by people who share that interest too. Whether your passion be acoustic music or helping out children in need, when you’re apart of a group that feels as strongly as you do about something, bonds with your fellow club members will be formed in a jiffy.

Another thing I wish people would have really emphasized to me: clubs usually meet around every other week during lunch so it’s really not a significant time commitment. I remember always thinking it was a huge time commitment that was going to rob me of a lunch every week, but in reality you can still eat during the club meeting and you still end up hanging out with friends.

You and your friends get to hangout while making the world a better and more diverse place, there’s also plenty of opportunities to earn community service hours, it’s not a huge time commitment and it looks fantastic on college applications. Instead of asking yourself, “Should I bother join a club?” you should be asking “How in the world am I not apart of a club already?”

Even though the club fair has already rolled by, it’s not too late to join. Otherwise there wouldn’t be an anchor on CHSTV telling us to come join for “fun, games, and pizza” every day. Clubs are just too good of an opportunity to pass up.

So please, go forward and learn from my mistakes. Join some clubs before it’s too late.