Top Ten things to do instead of attending prom

For hours and pricing at Sky High, log onto

For hours and pricing at Sky High, log onto

May 17th is just around the corner, and everyone seems to be preparing for prom. Except for you. But just because you aren’t going to the dance does not mean Netflix has to be your date for the night. Whether you are a senior who thinks dances are too mainstream or a freshman who cannot attend, we will tell you about several (ten, to be exact) local venues that provide entertaining and affordable alternatives.

After estimating the total cost of prom, we concluded:  A Prom Dress: $50-600,Tuxedo Rental: $50-200, Prom Tickets: $60 (each), Dinner: $40 (each), Corsage/Boutonniere: $40.

In total, anywhere from $300 to $1000, depending on how much you are willing to spend on wardrobe, not factoring in costs for transportation. We are here to provide you with other ideas for May 17th.

1. Sleeping Beauty Ballet and Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop: On May 17th, the California Ballet Company is presenting Sleeping Beauty at the   San Diego Civic theater. Tickets start at $36. They are featuring two performances, one at 2:30 p.m. and another at 7:30 p.m. What better way to end the night than with an ice cream sundae from Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop located in the Gaslamp district.

2. Cinema under the starsThis affordable location features productions of classic movies while you recline in their zero-gravity chairs. The outdoor theater is weather-proof and has blankets and heaters to keep you comfortable as you watch the film. Concessions and refreshments are offered. On May 17th, the feature film is Grease and tickets are $15 each.

3. The Melting PotMelted chocolate AND melted cheese? I’ve found love. These bowls of liquid gold and cocoa are $7 and entrees can cost up to $50. With a location in downtown San Diego and one in La Jolla, you can find joy anywhere through the art of fondue.

4. Coronado: A little bridge separates you from a wonderful world of magic. Coronado provides a night filled with beach time, window shopping and food galore (gelato too.) You can tour the famous Hotel Del ,which is said to be haunted, or rent a golf cart to zip around the island and enjoy the outdoors.

5. The San Diego Zoo: Let your wild side run free with the exotic animals at the San Diego Zoo. One-day passes cost $46 and you can create an itinerary to plan out your entire day or just go and enjoy the wildlife.

6Ultrazone Laser Tag: Dash in and out of the neon lit arena with your gun and armor at Ultrazone Laser Tag. Two teams shoot at each other with laser guns and hidden targets in order to earn points and win. Laser tag works with both small and big groups. Costs may vary.

7. Beach Picnic: Utilize Southern California’s magnificent beaches by planning a picnic lunch or dinner. Pick up some sandwiches at Board and Brew then head down to South Ponto or Moonlight beach. If you have an interest in hiking, visit Torrey Pines and take the walking trails down to the water.

8. Old TownVisit San Diego’s museums, parks and historic sites. Surrounded by many delicious restaurants, Old Town provides a fun afternoon of shopping, sight-seeing and tours (Including ghost tours, trolley tours and state park tours).

9.  Botanical GardenOpen from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily, the botanical gardens are a great place for exploring and enjoying the outdoors. May 17th is endangered species day, where they will be offering garden and birding tours. Tickets cost $14 for adults.

10. Sky High Sports: Jump “sky high” at the sky high trampoline place in San Diego. Revert back to your childhood and bounce off the walls! The floors and walls of the facility are lined with trampolines. Foam pits and dodgeball games are also available to participate in. The cost is $14 per hour and it is open from 10 a.m. until midnight.