Cure the Bieber fever

JB. JBiebs. The Bieb.

All are nicknames for the infamous Justin Bieber, who took America by storm in 2008. He struck a chord in every tween girls’ heart with his signature hairdo and innocence that separated him from all the other artists at the time. But none of this so-called innocence lasted for long.

Before America knew it, Justin Bieber’s pants dropped lower and lower, and his voice did too. Soon, he was unable to yelp out the lyrics of his previous songs with the same voice much like a squirrel. As a result, his songs and music videos became more provocative and he lost his “charm.” Even so, young Beliebers flaunt their posters and attend his concerts despite the trouble he has been brewing.

Justin Bieber is not an ideal influence for these girls. He is a hypocrite (Never Say Never? You just said it twice.) and a tattoo-crazed drag racer. Watching Bieber in the news is like watching a car crash. You know you shouldn’t look, but you are so enticed that you have to watch the destruction unfold.

Bieber’s most recent cries for attention– egging his neighbor’s house and drag racing in Miami — prove he is an immature 19-year-old. It seems like he is getting less sensible, which must be a result of all the pot and drug mania. On a recent flight, the pilots and flight attendants had to wear oxygen masks because they didn’t want to breathe in the fog of pot smoke created by Bieber and his groupie dad. Can you even Beliebe that teen girls idolize this? He has so many fans worshipping his every move, what will they do when Justin crosses the line?

Within a few years of hitting stardom, Bieber has transformed from a fun-loving Canadian heartthrob into a druggie who shows up late for his own concerts and claims he doesn’t need rehab.

Most people say Bieber is young, so he should be able to make these mistakes while he is learning the ways of adulthood. No, these “mistakes” are affecting Americans so much that there is a petition in the White House to get him deported. Although he influenced the music industry with his youth and talent, America is better off without him breaking laws from coast to coast and leading our youth astray. America has better things to do than watch his “on again, off again” relationship with Selena Gomez or hear about his latest tattoo.

Bieber isn’t doing this to promote his music. At this point, he is only acting out to get his name in the news. These desperate cries for attention are the same as a toddler, which is what he is turning out to be. This breakaway from one fanbase (tween) to another (teen) resulted in unnecessary and catastrophic behavior. He doesn’t seem to be learning his lesson, either. Like Gomez, his younger Beliebers will see his simple entry into Hollywood and think he is a role model to follow. Soon, more and more will think his behavior is acceptable and he won’t stop.

The only vaccination for the malicious Bieber fever is to ignore the symptoms: sudden urges to drag race, public urination, drug use or childlike behavior. Together we can stop this epidemic or we will suffer from the consequences.