Technology is getting out of hand


Tyler White

Hater guna’ hate

Seems like these days, nobody is satisfied with their phone or laptop, and people will wait days in line to pick up the latest technology. When a women gets pulled over for using her Google glasses while driving and when my four year old cousin has an iPhone 5s, that’s when we know technology has gone too far.

When teens invite their friends over, it seems like all they do is go on their phones. Having a friend over should mean spending quality time with them, not gluing your face to your computer screen. Digital conversations and social media are a more expedient way to socialize, but at the expense of human interaction.

Cyber bullying has now become more common because kids have all of their social media aspects in one place. Cyber bullying is more of a problem now than ever because kids are hiding behind the safety of their screen and saying things they would never say to someones face.

With new phones, laptops, and tablets coming out every month people are spending around seven and a half hours on their devices. The amount of money that Americans spend on technology has increased in the past three years 3.3 percent. However, these purchases are not necessary and typically very pricey.

Besides encouraging antisocial behavior, cell phones, laptops, and other technologically advanced devices are harmful to their owners health. Cell phones emit radioactivity and can be absorbed by tissue close to the device. According to studies have shown a consistent correlation between cancer in the brain and tissues in the head or neck  and cell phone use.

However, cell phones are not all bad, in fact there are many useful aspects to them. Cell phone, specifically smart phones represent the largest advent in the Information Revolution since the introduction of the Internet. Smart phones give us omniscience at the tips of our fingers.

Indeed, portable genius sounds revolutionary on the surface but its implications are bleak. It generates a sense of super-egotism and renders human contact obsolete.

Phones and technology in general have helped advance modern day society, but the cons clearly outweigh the pros. It is not so much the technology that’s the issue, but the affluenza and antisocial tendencies its overuse incurs. Therefore we, as the generation of technology, should be more aware of how we use it and try to ration our time on cell phones and laptops.